Best Streaming Devices of 2015

KooRaRoo Media allows you to enjoy the latest and greatest in DLNA streaming technology using supported streaming devices. These days, you can find various streaming players that are inexpensive and simple to use. A streaming device can help you watch you favorite shows and movies on your large TV screen instead of your computer.

When online content is available and expand every day, the streaming devices market expand and now you can find many options. Now it's easier than ever to ditch your discs and cable bills and enjoy tons of content from your PC played wirelessly on your TV.

From Blu-ray players to smart TVs, this article will cover the best streaming devices for 2015 to help you choose the best solution for you based on your needs.

Roku 3

Roku is the best streaming box available today in the market. With tons of content sources, super fast, easy interface and superb performance, this affordable device is a great option for your. It cost the same as Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV but it's simply much better in terms of functionality. It offers 1,500 channels including mainstream popular channels. The remote control is another great feature adding motion sensors for games. You can use your smartphone to control the Roku, connect to the internet and stream videos or pictures using KooRaRoo media server.

Sony Playstation 3

The SP3 is already well known as the superb game console and if you are familiar with all it's features, you probably aware of this cool trick that allows you to use it as a streaming device. Any computer geek will agree this is probably the best solution that offers both gaming and video streaming. The PlayStation 3 also supports entertainment apps (like Hulu, Amazon Video, Youtube, Netflix) so you can watch various online content. In addition, the PS3 plays Blu-ray discs which is a nice addition. As mentioned, the device also enable you to stream media from external media servers. It will be a great addition to your in your living room.

Western Digital WD TV Media Player

The WD TV streaming device will play almost any file format you can think of; AVI, MKV and MP4. All videos will play smoothly without any issues. The WS TV also supports 80 apps like YouTube, Hulu and Pandora. While it doesn't support Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, it suits exactly to those who have a large digital media collection and want to stream it from their PC to their large TV screen. The device itself has no built in storage but you can connect external hard drives. It works perfectly with KooRaRoo media player, just plug and play. It's only 4.9 inches in width and 3.9 inches in depth. The WD TV supports wireless connectivity.

You can also always try the paid version for 30 days - the trial is completely functional and without any obligations, so you have nothing to lose. Please remember that you can always switch from free to the paid version, so download your copy today and start enjoying your media!

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