Media Streaming Made Simple

Like many people, you probably have masses of music, video, and photos stored on various devices around the house but there are times when you want to view your pictures on a digital photo frame in the kitchen, or watch a film from your laptop on your flat screen TV. Well, now it's easy to access all your photos, music and film whether you're an individual or business via media streaming.

So how does it work? Media streaming used to be confined to the Internet but with the development of DLNA technology, it's now easy to share media files on your PC, games console, television, tablet, home stereo and mobile phone. The DLNA server acts as a bridge between your home network and your enabled home devices so you don't have to deal with the complexity and expense of running a dedicated media server. Content is shared via a wireless network or a wired, ethernet network.

In the "old days", if you wanted to play a particular track on your iPod, laptop and mobile phone you had to manually download the track to each device but with media streaming you can maintain your music library on your PC and access it anywhere in the world via a DLNA compatible device. Say for example you're staying with friends and want to show them your latest holiday video or family photographs, you can access and view them on your smartphone or tablet by streaming them directly from your PC. Essentially, you can have all your family photographs ready to display at any time using a DLNA compatible device.

If you're super organised then KooRaRoo's Media DLNA server is for you. You can organise and arrange your files your way, create playlists and organise your content so you have complete control over what you want to view or listen to. It also automatically finds new content and creates playlists according to your settings and finding a particular song or movie couldn't be quicker or easier as the software allows you to group files by artist, album, genre, creator, studio and many more criteria.

If you're a business, media streaming via DLNA technology could become an essential part of your workplace. Sales presentations can be done on tablets or projected on a screen through a DLNA certified projector and employees can watch training videos or retrieve high quality company images on their work PCs. The opportunities are endless.

What's more, media streaming via a DLNA network means you get high quality definition video, music and images as it retains the original quality. Burning a DVD limits the quality of the picture but streaming movies directly to your television makes the image crystal clear.

In terms of security, which is essential as you don't want your files accessed by anyone but you, KooRaRoo Media allows you to block private files and can set up restricted access to all of your media content. Parental controls allows you to specify which files and folders will not appear on certain devices, so you can protect your children from content you don't want them to see or listen to.

KooRaRoo works out-of-the box and can be customised to suit your own personal needs. Installation is easy so you can start using it straight away.

Most major manufacturers, such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Pioneer and Toshiba support the DLNA standard and KooRaRoo Media can send your files to all of them. Click here for a list of all supported devices.

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