Update Folders

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Update Folders

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Use these settings to specify default options when updating disk folders.


Add new files and folders to your media collection: When ticked will cause new files and folders that are found to be added to your library.

Delete inaccessible files and folders from your media collection: Tick this to remove files that cannot be accessed from your library. If you are updating folders on an external drive, please make sure it is plugged in and operational when this option is ticked, otherwise those files will be removed from your media collection and you'll have to re-add them.

Update existing files: When ticked will make KooRaRoo Media check your existing files for missing metadata or thumbnails and update as necessary.

Reload file thumbnails, replacing existing artwork: Tick this to completely replace existing artwork (not just update missing one) when updating the folder.

Load metadata from media files: When ticked KooRaRoo will attempt to read and process metadata stored in media files themselves.

Create thumbnails from media files: When ticked thumbnails will be created for video, music and photo files by grabbing a frame from video or photo or reading in metadata for music.

Use external files for video thumbnails: Tick this to try and load video thumbnails from folder.jpg and other image files located in the same or artwork folders.

Load external subtitle files: When ticked, external subtitle files such as SRT, SMI and SUB will be processed when updating files in folders. New subtitles will be added in and non-existing ones removed.


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