Transcode File (Audio/Image)

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Transcode File (Audio/Image)

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From the Actions menu select Transcode.

The Transcode dialog lets you transcode (convert) a file to a different format.


This feature is not available in Free version of KooRaRoo Media. See for a comparison chart.


Title: Shows the title of the currently selected file.

Device: Lets you choose a device that you wish to convert the file for.

Original file format: Displays the format of the original file.

Original file codec: Lets you choose the stream you wish to convert, if there is more than one in the file.

Transcoded file format: Lets you choose the destination file format.

Transcoded file codec: Lets you choose the destination format codec, if there is more than one available.


After you click OK, the file will be added to the transcoding queue. If the queue is empty, it will start transcoding straight away. You can check the transcoding queue using the Status pane.


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