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From the File dialog select Subtitles.


Embedded subtitles: Allow you to set a description and language for subtitles that are part of the video file. You can also delete unneeded or invalid streams or reload them from the file.

Available subtitles: Shows subtitles that can be burned-in, these include embedded and external subtitles. Some properties can be adjusted, including converting subtitles to a different code page. You can see a preview of what the subtitle is in the provided window.


You can change the thumbnail for the file by right-clicking on the picture in the top-left corner and using the popup menu to add a new image. Some devices will display these images when browsing files.


Use the < and > buttons to move between files in the same folder.


Tip: When you change settings in the device transcoding tab, you may need to delete transcoded files here, to make sure those new settings take effect.

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