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Use these settings to control server-specific options.


Server Name: Lets you change the server name that is shown on devices.

Server Port: Lets you adjust the TCP port used by KooRaRoo Media server to connect to your network. Please make sure this port is open in your firewall.

Allow new devices to connect by default: When ticked, any new device on the home network will be allowed to access KooRaRoo, otherwise (when unticked), devices will be denied access initially and you will have to explicitly grant access rights to them

Set default MPAA rating for new devices: You can select a default parental rating that will be applied to new devices using this option.

Use only MAC address to detect devices: When ticked, the devices will be matched to existing device profiles using only their MAC address. If you have a network bridge, this may fail, as some network bridges mask their clients' MAC address behind their own. If you don't have a network bridge, but your router tends to change IP addresses for your devices often, tick this box to speed up detection.

Start server when Windows loads: Tick this to have the server start with Windows (without the need for you to login).

Percent of file played to update the playcount: Set this in percent (from 10 to 100) to trigger the play count update when streaming files.

Show playcount on the device: Allows you to distinguish files that you already played using either an asterisk in the front or a play count after the title.


You can use the Register Windows Service button if the stop/start button on the toolbar is not working, this can happen if you change your user's permissions on the system. Alternatively, just re-install KooRaRoo and the service will be re-registered automatically.


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