Online URL Properties

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Online URL Properties

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From the Add menu select Online URL.

The Online URL Properties dialog allows you to add an online URL to your media library. If the online URL was already added previously, it will just be added to the current playlist.


At the moment only http audio streams are supported, but this will be expanded in future updates.


URL: Enter the full URL here - it can be a direct URL or an ASX/M3U/PLS/WPL playlist.

Title: Enter the title of the online URL here. It may be automatically parsed from the playlist, if the playlist contain this information.

Description: Add an optional description of this online URL. You can see these description by using the View menu. Some devices may also support showing descriptions for files and folders.

MPAA Rating: Set this to limit devices where this online URL is displayed.


After you enter or modify the online URL, press the Test URL button. It may take a few seconds and at the end if it succeeds, you'll see the URL and the OK button enabled. If for some reason it fails, you'll get an error message. Please contact support in case of an error, so that we can add support for more types of URLs.


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