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Online Metadata

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From the File dialog select Online Metadata.

Please note that currently this tab is available only for video files. Music files will be supported soon.


Title: Enter a playlist name that will be used in your media library and will also be used on devices.

Source: Choose the online metadata source site to retrieve information from.

Artwork: Tick to replace artwork in the original file with the one found online.

Title: Tick to replace the title of the original file with the one found online.

Date: Tick to set the release date of the original file.

Ranking: Tick to set the ranking of the original file using the one found online.

MPAA Rating: Tick to set the parental rating of the original file using the one found online.

Description: Tick to replace the description of the original file.

Metadata: Tick to merge metadata found online with already existing metadata of the original file.

Replace or Merge: Choose "replace" to completely overwrite existing metadata for the file with the new one or choose "merge" to combine the two together.


To search for online metadata, first please make sure that the movie title is correct. Edit it as necessary using the Title box provided on this tab. Once the title is correct, select an online source from the drop list and press Search to start searching. This will download some data, so it may take a few seconds, depending on your Internet connection and the amount of data received for a movie. You can use the left/right buttons < and > to browse through found items, if more than one has been found. To transfer data from this tab to the main file, tick the boxes of items that you wish to transfer and then click the Apply button. This will update the main record, but you may still Cancel the changes, because they are not saved until you have exited using the OK button.


Use the < and > buttons to move between files in the same folder.


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