Prepare Files for Device

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Prepare Files for Device

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From the Tools menu select Prepare Files for Device.

The Prepare Files for Device dialog lets you find and transcode (convert) files that cannot be played natively on a particular device to a format that can be played on the device.


This feature is not available in Free version of KooRaRoo Media. See for a comparison chart.


Device: Lets you choose a device that you wish to convert files for.

Video, Photo, Music: Tick one or more to display corresponding file types from your media library.

Show only untranscoded files: When ticked will only show files that still need to be transcoded. Unticked will show all incompatible files for a device, regardless of whether a file has already been transcoded or not.

Transcode native files: When ticked will convert files that can be played on the device natively. If not ticked, it will skip over files that do not need transcoding.

Prepare thumbnails: Tick this to also create thumbnails for the selected device in advance.



You can use Check All and Uncheck All buttons to quickly select and deselect all files in the list for pretranscoding. File Information button will bring up diagnostic file information that can show why the file is deemed incompatible.


After you click Start, files will be added to the transcoding queue. If the queue is empty, they will start transcoding straight away. You can check the transcoding queue using the Status pane.


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