Getting Help

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Getting Help

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There are a number of different sources of help in KooRaRoo Media. In addition to this help file, you can also access the online user forum and contact support.


Displaying Help

You can always press F1 to get access to this help from anywhere within the program.

There are Help buttons on all windows to take you directly to the relevant topic.


Using the online community

The forum hosts an ever-growing community that brings together KooRaRoo Media users and developers. We're very keen to hear your suggestions - that's how KooRaRoo Media has always grown and we intend to keep it that way!


The forum is located at: - please take a moment to visit it now (it'll open in a new window), register and say "Hello" to us and everyone else!


Contacting support

Please visit to send a direct message to support.


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