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Use these settings to adjust how the program (GUI) is loaded.


Automatically run on Windows startup: When ticked will run KooRaRoo Media GUI when Windows is started. This is different from starting the server.

Show splash screen while loading: You can toggle whether the splash screen is shown during loading.

Start minimized: When ticked, the GUI will start in minimized state.

Minimize on closing: Lets you minimize the GUI instead of closing it when clicking on the close button. Use File menu to exit the GUI completely.

Minimize to system tray: When ticked will not show an entry on the taskbar, but will instead show an icon in the system tray.

Always show tray icon: When ticked will show an icon in the tray when the GUI is running.

Check for updates when program starts: Lets KooRaRoo Media automatically check for updates when the GUI is started. If an update is found, you'll be prompted to download and install it. You can also check for updates using the Help menu.

Theme: Allows you to customize the way KooRaRoo GUI looks to better suit your personal taste.

Lock current window layout: Tick this to lock all panes as they are currently to prevent them from being accidentally moved or closed.


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