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From the File dialog select General.


Title: Enter a playlist name that will be used in your media library and will also be used on devices. You can also edit the internal sort title by clicking the small button inside the title edit window.

Ranking: Set a file ranking on a scale of 1 to 10.

MPAA Rating: Set the parental rating. This can be used to limit devices where this file will appear.

Play Count: Shows how many times this file has been played on devices and the last play date and time. You can reset this back to zero or set it to the current time.

Last Played: Allow you to set or reset the date when the file was played last on a device.

Description: Add an optional description of this file. You can see these description by using the View menu. Some devices may also support showing descriptions for files and folders.

Track: Adjust the track number.

Year: Set the release year.

Month: Set the release month.

Metadata type: Lets you add or delete metadata (dynamic criteria) to this file.


You can change the thumbnail for the file by right-clicking on the picture in the top-left corner and using the popup menu to add a new image. Some devices will display these images when browsing files.


Use the < and > buttons to move between files in the same folder.


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