Dynamic File List

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Dynamic File List

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From the Add menu select Dynamic Playlist.

The Dynamic File List dialog allows you to add or edit the properties of a dynamic playlist based on file's dynamic criteria (metadata).


This feature is not available in Free version of KooRaRoo Media. See http://www.kooraroo.com/compare_features.php for a comparison chart.


Title: Enter a playlist name that will be used in your media library and will also be used on devices.

Description: Add an optional description of this folder. You can see these description by using the View menu. Some devices may also support showing descriptions for files and folders.

Dynamic playlist criteria: Allows you to add or remove dynamic criteria or file metadata that will be used to limit files shown in this playlist. You can use parentheses to build a hierarchy of criteria. You can check whether the criteria are valid or not by check the status - if it says Invalid, then this playlist cannot be saved. Once it says Valid, you can save the playlist.

Limit to: Use this to further narrow down the result to a certain number of files.

Order by: Allows you to override the default sorting order of this playlist.

MPAA Rating: Set this to limit devices where this folder is displayed.


You can change the thumbnail for this folder by right-clicking on the picture in the top-left corner and using the popup menu to add a new image. Some devices will display these images when browsing folders.


Tip: You can recreate default dynamic file lists using the Add Predefined Playlist dialog.

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