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From the Device dialog select Transcoding.


Transcode incompatible files: Enable or disable transcoding (conversion) of files that cannot be natively played on your device.

Audio stream language priority: If a file contains multiple audio streams, KooRaRoo Media can deliver audio in the language of your choice. This is particularly useful on devices that do not support multiple video/audio streams and will only pick the first one, or when the file needs to be transcoded. Languages should be entered using their three-letter code, such as: "eng,rus,ita". This will try to find an English language audio stream and deliver that first, if that fails, it'll try to find Russian and then Italian. If none are found or recognized, the first stream will be delivered. If you are not sure about the correct code for your language, please ask on the forum or contact support.

Force aspect ratio: When ticked, you can select to force the aspect ratio of the destination file to be 16:9 or 4:3. This will require a full re-transcode of the original files served to this device, so no remuxing is possible when this is ticked. It applies to all transcoded files for the device.

Upscale to 1920x1080: When ticked the destination file will be 1920x1080 in size, upscaled and padded automatically. This only applies when the file needs to be fully transcoded. If the file can be remuxed, this setting has no effect.

Bitrate: When ticked allows you to set the maximum bitrate that your network or device can handle. This will transcode more files than normal and may use more CPU, so please use only when necessary (e.g. when on a wireless network with low signal or a streaming to a mobile device that cannot handle higher bitrates).

Limit bitrate: Allows you to adjust the maximum bitrate for files sent over the network (native and transcoded). Useful for wireless networks mostly to get rid of the stuttering.

Width and Height: Allow you to set maximum width or height or both that all transcoded files will be limited to.

Automatically transcode new incompatible files: When ticked will add files to the transcoding queue if they are deemed incompatible with this device upon adding them into the media library.



Tip: When you have "force aspect ratio"  or "upscale" ticked, you can still override this for individual files in the Transcode File dialog.

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