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From the Device dialog select General.


Name: Give your device a friendly name that you will see in Status and Devices panes.

IP: Shows the IP address at which this device is detected.

MAC: Shows the unique MAC address of this device.

Device: Allows you to select a device definition (device profile) for this device. Device definitions are used to define video, audio and image formats the device supports and other important information. For best possible experience, please choose a device profile that's designed for your device. In many cases KooRaRoo Media will auto-detect your device, but in some cases you will need to select a profile manually.

Allow access on IP: Use this if you have more than one network card and you wish to limit network traffic to that specific card. It also helps if you are seeing multiple copies of the KooRaRoo Media server on your device, since there will be one instance per network card.

Region: Some devices are region-based, so if you do not see files on your devices, try changing the region to match that of the device.

Image playback interval: Specifies the number of seconds that photos shown on your device using Remote Player will wait before proceeding to the next photo. This is not an exact figure, because some photos may take longer to display on the device due to device's own internal decoding, so this interval may be reduced because of that.


Note: When the Device checkbox is ticked, the device profile is locked into your selection. When the checkbox is not ticked, KooRaRoo will attempt to auto-detect the device all the time. This helps when using KooRaRoo from a mobile device that has multiple players on it.

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