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Use these settings to adjust various advanced configuration options to fine-tune your KooRaRoo experience.


Do not use metadata for the title: When ticked will not read in the title from metadata, but will always use the original file name. Useful if you rename and organize files in your own way.

Update disk folders while streaming: When unticked it will not run the automatic folder update when something is streaming. Useful if you have a lower-spec CPU that may struggle with transcoding/streaming and updating folders at the same time.

Load online metadata when processing music files: When ticked, if a music files does not have an external or embedded thumbnail, KooRaRoo will try to find one online. This is typically queued and is processed at roughly one thumbnail per second.

Load online metadata when processing video files: When ticked, checks online metadata sources to try and load metadata for the video file, including a thumbnail.

Do not add album artwork files to the library: When ticked, files that are used for album artwork and thumbnails will not be added to the media library, so that it looks cleaner. These files are typically small and your normal photos are not affected.

Load embedded subtitles from video files: When ticked will extract embedded subtitles from video files, so that they can be used for device that do not supported embedded subtitles.

Do not create thumbnails from video frames: When ticked will not attempt to create a thumbnail from the video file itself if there is no online or disk thumbnail.

Do not load embedded metadata: When ticked will not spend time reading files to extract any metadata stored int them. Use this to speed up processing of files if you know they don't contain metadata or you don't use dynamic playlists.

External subtitles codepage: Allows you to set the code page that should be used when loading external subtitles.

Thumbnail size: Allows you to set the thumbnail dimensions as stored in KooRaRoo's database. Most DLNA devices require only 160x160 pixels, but some require more and you can adjust this setting here. After changing it, you need to re-scan your library (using "Update Existing Files") and also use the Delete Thumbnails button on the Transcoding page.


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