Why You Need a Media Organizer

A decent media organizer is a vital component of your DLNA network. A DLNA network is something that can stream digital media across a variety of different platforms. It is becoming very popular among individuals and businesses as a way of getting high quality video without having to pay for extra services. People seem to forget that a DVD will compress the quality of a high definition video and you will lose many of the details that you want to see. Yet video streaming allows you to retain the high quality and get every detail. The same goes for streaming music and digital images. If you want to retain the original quality, then you need to stream the highest quality possible. And if you want to be able to find your digital media, you need an effective and easy to use organizer.

Good DLNA software will usually come with a media organizer (or media manager) that allows you to determine how you want to group your media for easy access. For example you can arrange your media by date, topic or file format. Some people like to make multiple copies of their media and develop play lists that they can access quickly. For example, if you have one song that you want to include in several playlists, then a good media organizer can help make copies and create the lists you are looking for. The ability to create multiple play lists with the same material is also helpful when trying to create photo albums to be used for different reasons.

Businesses can also use a DLNA server with media organizer to help create presentations that their field staff can easily access. Generic marketing images can be put into a file and shown to customers using a tablet or smartphone. The ability to create comprehensive libraries and collections of digital media materials can help businesses to organize media as they see fit, and develop presentations to train satellite offices, give presentations to employees in new locations and allow field personnel to access media files from anywhere in the world. Once your company starts using DLNA platforms to enhance your business presentations, you will see how much it can help your business grow.

Good media organization can also help keep the pieces of media you do not wish to share publicly in secure folders. You can organize media by file types and easily convert it as and when is required. When you invest in the right kind of DLNA software, you will get a powerful media organizer that can help maximize the potential of streaming digital media on several different platforms.

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