What Can You Do With Your DLNA Software?

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) was established in June 2003 by Sony. The DLNA protocol allowed for digital media to be shared and streamed between different multimedia devices. And today's DLNA compatible devices allow the user to watch digital media on their TVs, video game consoles, tablets and even smartphones.

While this is of obvious interest to many home users, businesses and the corporate world have also started to enjoy the benefits offered by a quick and easy means of sharing and transferring content between devices.

By using DLNA software, there is no need to pay for any DLNA server services, monthly fees or other media services. The added features of the software allow users to get everything out of their media streaming capabilities, and then some.

Good DLNA software takes away all the complexities and technical hurdles thrown up by different file formats, and can even make the necessary file format conversions automatically in the background, without the user having to do anything at all.

If the user wants a little more control, the software can even allow them to select which files should be converted to which format. The software then takes care of everything else. This powerful functionality offers additional benefits for any users or devices that may not be up to date with the latest digital formats.

But the benefits don't stop there. In the real world, most users quickly run into the problem of not being able to efficiently arrange and manage their digital content. Music, photographs and videos soon become difficult to find, and it's all too easy to even forget about some of their precious content.

Most DLNA applications do a reasonable job of arranging the content so that it is easy to work with. And a really good DLNA application will also allow a user to arrange and even segment their media in any way that they choose. The right software will not only offer their own preset means of sorting media, but allow the user to apply their own systems for themselves.

Better DLNA software solutions not only take away the pain of media management and maintenance, but also help simplify the process of sharing those files, with no media servers required. The next time that you are waiting in line for hours, wishing you could listen to your music on your smartphone, think about everything DLNA can do for you and better still how very easy it is to set up and use.

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