The Many Uses of Media Streaming

Media streaming has always been popular, but it has also been confined to the Internet. With the development of DLNA technology, people can now share their media files on a variety of devices without paying monthly storage service charges and without seeing degradation in the quality of their media. The secret is in using DLNA software to manage and stream your own digital media files. There are millions of DLNA certified devices in use that include smartphones, televisions, Blu-Ray players, tablets, home stereos, home theatre systems and video game consoles. Once you have your DLNA certified devices in place, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your media.

If you have ever tried to share a home movie you just edited on your computer with your family without DLNA, then you know how frustrating "simply streaming movies" can be. You either have to get everyone to stand in your little computer room to watch the video, or everyone has to strain to see it on your laptop screen. You could burn a DVD, but then you would lose video quality. That is movie streaming comes into play. You can access the video from your computer and play it on your big screen, high definition television. You do not lose any video quality, and everyone gets to enjoy the video in the comfort of the living room.

People who want to share vacation pictures will have to pay money for an online picture storage website, or take up valuable storage space on their smartphone or tablet to be able to show their pictures. When you utilize media streaming through DLNA, you can show your pictures to anyone using your smartphone or tablet by streaming the pictures directly from your computer. You can arrange your pictures into a photo album on your computer and access that album from anywhere in the world using a DLNA compatible device. Now you can have all of your family pictures ready to display at your next family gathering or when everyone gets together for the holiday.

Prior to DLNA technology, people had to repeatedly download their music to their portable computing devices or invest in an expensive online storage service. If you wanted your music on your tablet, laptop, cell phone and iPod, then you needed to do separate downloads and each device needed to be manually upgraded when you added new music. With media streaming through DNLA, you only need to maintain your music library on your computer or media server and you can access it from anywhere in the world with a DLNA compatible device.

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