The Many Benefits of Media Streaming

Media streaming is something that can be useful for individuals and businesses for many different reasons. If you want to be able to stream digital media across a device, you need to be sure that the device is DLNA certified. That means that it can handle the different formats that streaming media comes in. You will also need a computer with good DLNA software on it that will allow you to stream any media you want to any DLNA enabled device. Good software will have security features on it that will allow you to limit who can get access to your files and who can see your digital media presentations. Once your DLNA network is enabled, you are ready to stream media.

For the family or individual, media streaming is a great way to take advantage of all of the content found on the Internet and on their own computers. In days gone by, televisions did not have the necessary resolution to make high definition videos easy to watch. Computer monitors used to always have the higher resolutions. But with high definition televisions now being the norm in most households, streaming films directly to your television, tablet or smartphone is easier than ever. Burning a DVD limits the quality of the picture you will get when you try and watch computer videos on a television. But streaming your videos through a DLNA network directly to your television makes them look crystal clear.

Businesses are starting to see the benefits of media streaming and starting to take their own initiatives to make DLNA technology part of their workplace. Sales presentations can be done on tablets or projected on a screen through a DLNA certified projector and give clear and impressive results. Employee training can be accurate and reliable when you can stream the videos as opposed to relying on lower quality options. Your field personnel can utilize the DLNA platform to watch training videos or retrieve high quality company images on their smartphones or tablets.

Media streaming has been around for a long time, but it was always in a very limited form. Thanks to DLNA technology, now anyone can stream movies, stream video, stream audio and stream high quality digital images across a network of devices that include Blu-Ray players, home theatres and video game consoles. Now you can use your home or business network as the source for videos, music and pictures that you can share with anyone you want at any location in the world.

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