How to Get More Than Just a DLNA Server

A DLNA server is a computer that hosts your digital media files for you to stream on DLNA compatible devices. Some of those devices include your video game console, smartphone, tablet, Blu-Ray player and your home stereo. As long as your device is DLNA certified, then it can allow you to stream videos, pictures and music from your computer. When you have one of these networks set up, it prevents you from having to buy devices with a lot of storage space and it also prevents you from having to invest in expensive online storage services. You can add to your collection whenever you want, and it will be available to your DLNA compatible device no matter where you are.

You can create your own DLNA server by buying good DLNA software. But when you buy the right software, then you will get the extra features that you need that go beyond a simple DLNA server. One of those functions is security. When you put all of your digital media out there for any DLNA enabled device to see, you want to be able to prevent certain files from being accessible to just anyone. That is why a good piece of software has additional security on it that allows you to protect your files and prevent unwanted people from seeing them. It can seem like a basic function, but the security function is something you will glad you have when you want to protect your home movies and personal images.

Another advantage to having your own DLNA server is that you will have advanced management capabilities that will allow you to organize and arrange your files in any way that you want. If you want to put a particular song on all of your play lists, then you can go right ahead and do that. Your server will help you to make copies of the song and put in any song list you like. You can arrange your files by subject matter, date, file format and size. If you want to convert a whole group of files from one format to another, then you can use your server software to do that and get the job done with the click of just a few buttons.

Why pay for services that you can create on your own for one low price? A DNLA server is the perfect way for you to enjoy your digital media presentations on any of your DLNA compatible devices. When you have the right software in place, you can get much more out of your media streaming that you ever imagined.

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