What Is DLNA Software?

DLNA software allows you to share your digital media with any of your DLNA enabled home devices.

You can watch your digital movies on a video game console, you can enjoy your digital pictures through your Blu-Ray player and more.

So what's involved with getting this set up? Well if you want to be able to network your DLNA devices and utilize this technology, without investing in an expensive service and a complex media server, then DLNA software is required. Good DLNA software will not only make sure that the right file formats are used to share your content with different DLNA devices, but will also help manage your files and keep everything organized and easily accessible.

One of the more popular functions of DLNA software is the ability to create play lists that can include specific selections from your media files. For example you can have a list of pictures that you want to stream, or you can create a selection of music to take with you on your smartphone. The software will help create playlists that make it easier for you to find your files and easier to mark them in your master list.

Good DLNA software will also have security features that allow you to block private files from being seen, or even set up restricted access to all of your media files.

A common problem that people can run into is incompatibility between file types used by the various devices. The good news is that the right type of DLNA software will automatically convert all of your media files to formats that are compatible with each of your DLNA devices. There are also sub-formats called codecs that can make it difficult for your files to be shared between one device and another. Again, a fully featured solution will go through all of those files, and make sure that they are available across the whole of your DLNA server network.

One of the things that people soon realize with DLNA networks is that they have a lot of files that they want to share - often more than originally anticipated! Over time, these files can grow to become difficult to manage and navigate. DLNA software will allow you to keep a close watch on your files and create customized ways to organize them, making them easily accessible for whenever needed, on whichever device you choose to view them on.

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