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KooRaRoo Media Server allows you to enjoy your movies, music and photos on a wide range of devices in your home, including modern TVs, Blu-Ray players (BDPs), games consoles (PS3 and XBox360), mobile tablets, smart phones and dedicated media players that support DLNA. Download your free trial today!

Easy To Setup

KooRaRoo Media makes easy work of setting up a DLNA server. KooRaRoo Media is easy to setup and use. It takes only minutes to setup and it is more powerful than a basic DLNA server.

Automatic Transcoding

KooRaRoo DLNA serve will automatically transcode files that are not compatible with your device. You can choose your preferred audio language and copy embedded subtitles.


KooRaRoo Media is incredibly fast. Enjoy smooth experience when browsing large folders or playing files on multiple devices.

Advanced Organizing

Including hierarchical and metadata-based playlists that will allow you to organize your media collection in a way that suits you best.

Parental Control

Allows you to specify content level that a certain device is allowed to receive. Files and folders that are above that rating will not appear on that device as if they don't exist.

Subtitles Support

means that if your devices supports SRT, SMI or SUB subtitles you'll see them automatically, but if your devices don't support external subtitles you can still see them using KooRaRoo's subtitle burning feature that places subtitles (in your favorite font style, size and color) on top of your video.

Access Anywhere

Stay connected to your movies, photos and music wherever you go. Access your media from any device over the internet.

Always Working

KooRaRoo quietly runs in the background to allow quick streaming on your device.

Unlimited Devices

Got a Blu-Ray player, Smart TV & XBox ? ? No problem. KooRaRoo Media Server can stream on multiple devices on the same time.


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I am writing to say your software is awesome! We recently celebrated our 20 Year anniversary and lately my wife has been able to show family and friends hundreds of pictures quickly without waiting for them to load! Were able to organize our photos with a click! It's awesome! The download was quick and the fact that it's all self-contained software I was sold! Great Software!
Harvey Newman, Tampa FL

Works very nice even on my old PC.

I'm absolutely thrilled with KooRaRoo. There's no hassle at all when using your software. The features available is second to none. I was able to get right on track from day one because of the very intuitional setup and layout. I have not seen any other software that can do everything that KooRaRoo is capable of. If you have any competitors, I'd say you're way ahead of them.
Michael Luedtke

This is by far the best dlna media server I have run across.

I'm writing this as a satisfied user of KooRaRoo. Your software does exactly what it claims to do, in an intuitive manor. However, if anyone is in need of extra help, your site has excellent tutorials. Before I was aware of the tutorials, I found that you, personally, offer support for your product. As a result of your quick response to my email, it was quite evident that you were, not only, customer friendly, but also knowledgeable enough to clearly answer my question. I'm writing this in appreciation of a businessman that has confidence, and, obvious pride in his product. I wish you the best of luck, and success in your business. It was a pleasure dealing with you.
Richard (from New York)

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Install KooRaRoo Media on your home computer (PC or laptop). Installation takes just a few seconds and doesn't require any additional downloads - it's all self-contained!

Launch KooRaRoo Media and point it to folders or NAS drives where you keep your media files. Your files will be read and organized automatically within KooRaRoo's media library - the original files are never touched or modified.

Go to your TV or other devices and enjoy! You will see KooRaRoo Media server appear in the DLNA or Media Player function on your device and you can start streaming straight away!

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If our product does not perform exactly as described, simply contact us within 30 days and we'll promptly issue a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

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